EDEN treats

Welcome to the garden of delights!

Eden is a product range dedicated to your small animals, which draws its inspiration from the very heart of your garden. Zolux has brought together optimum ingredients for your pet’s wellbeing and enjoyment.

Certified organic leaves and flowers

All Eden range Aromatic Herbs are certified organic, harvested and packaged in France. These leaves and flowers with different properties are a high quality feed supplement for your rabbits, guinea pigs and other small rodents.

 Leaves and flowers with different properties

Organic Timothy Hay     

Organic Timothy Hay is a high quality organic forage produced in France. Barn-dried*, hence highly appetising, it is carefully hand-packaged in hessian bags, to preserve the long fibres and their full nutritional properties. Rich in fibres, Timothy Hay contributes to your pet’s healthy digestion, while supporting urinary health owing to its very low calcium content.

*Barn-dried: the hay is dried inside, protected from sunlight.

Hay is an essential daily feed, for your pet’s wellbeing.

Natural wood and vegetable treats!

The Eden range also comprises eight 100% natural treats made from pieces of wood and vegetable shavings. These are truly delicious treats which your pet will enjoy, while keeping dental growth under control.

Wood Discs  

Wood Sticks   

All treats in the Eden range are packaged in guaranteed plastic-free bags produced from wood fibre, which are therefore 100% biodegradable and compostable!

The hessian bags used for Timothy Hay are also 100% biodegradable, but can be used again in many different ways!

 Discover inspiring ideas for re-using your hessian bag

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