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Tips from the Pros

In the Tips blog, find articles written by professionals (educator, veterinarian) to become knowledgeable about the needs of your animals. Cats, dogs, birds, small animals or aquarium fish will no longer have any secrets for you!

  • Rodent's habitat

    Rodents are very affective small animals that children particularly enjoy due to their small size and softness. Their owners can learn how to look after them and live together harmoniously. But do not forget that despite their small size, these animals are not toys and need to be respected! Their welfare goes through several stages that we will introduce to you in greater detail in this guide.

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  • Training your dog

    Acquiring a dog requires a lot of care and attention. A dog or a puppy’s lifestyle, dietary requirements and needs in general are very different compared to ours. Some advice should be taken on board so that everything runs smoothly...

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  • The kittens' feeding

    A kitten has different needs than an adult cat. It mineral, energy and protein needs are greater than adults, even more so when growing. For a “kittenhood” filled with vitality, a diet adapted to its age will be the key to good health.

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Our commitments

Zolux is guided by 4 fundamental values day to day: respect, honesty, sustainable development, together with the protection of animal welfare. Our commitments stem from these values which we aim to apply in a practical way. Hence, Zolux supports numerous charities, such as animal shelters, clubs for animal lovers, and animal adoption organisations.  Discover them.

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