The benefits of water

Adopt a Zen Attitude!

Did you know... Aquariums are not simply decorative objects. They, in fact, have relaxing properties which improve both our physical and mental health. Enjoy the soothing effects of the peaceful aquatic ballet, and adopt the Zen Attitude, inspired by Zolux!

In their element

Zolux recommends the “Iseo” range when choosing your aquarium. Bringing together design and technicality, Iseo aquariums and furnishings will blend in perfectly with all styles of interior decor. Iseo aquariums are accompanied by furnishings inspired by current trends, with open recesses for arranging decorative objects, and closed recesses to provide storage space.

Natural relaxation with Aquasand gravels!

Natural relaxation with Aquasand gravels!

Leave room for creativity!

Designing your aquarium offers you numerous creative possibilities: create your chosen atmosphere by varying vegetation and light effects, etc. Zolux offers you Zen ideas for designing your aquarium.

Les racines araignée, une jolie déco naturelle ! 

Une gamme de décoration en matière naturelle issue du ramassage de bois mort.
Découvrez des formes aux multiples ramifications idéales pour une décoration très esthétique de type aquascaping pour les aquariums ou les terrariums !