• After the purchase

    • A part broke on your ZOLUX product?
      We do not sell directly to individuals, but your ZOLUX local dealer can order the part you need for you!

      Find the nearest ZOLUX dealer to you on our website: https://en.zolux.com/where-can-you-find-us


    • Have you ever checked the store/website where you purchased this product?

      If your product is under warranty, the retailer will exchange it or possibly request a repair from ZOLUX.
      Please note that a product damaged by misuse will not be exchanged, repaired or refunded.

  • Product information

      • Private individuals On our website, you will see the heading “Where can you find us?”. Simply enter your postcode to find your nearest stockist or an online retailer for ZOLUX products.

      • Professionals Click on “I still need help” and send us a message, making sure you select the “Professional” checkbox. A sales manager in your region will contact you.

    • ZOLUX designs/produces/distributes pet products and its customers are pet store professionals. We do not have any shops and we do not sell our products online.
      You can find ZOLUX products in pet stores, garden centres and large DIY stores, or on our partners’ websites.

      In the “Where can you find us?” section, we can help you to find your nearest store or online retailers selling ZOLUX products.

      Are you a professional who is interested in becoming a ZOLUX stockist? Get in touch with us by clicking on “I still need help”. A sales manager in your region will contact you for an individual quote.