Nordic spirit Some exercise?

It’s going to be energetic!

Physical exercise allows your pet to expend energy while creating a bond with you. Whether you want to exercise with your pet or provide it with an adventure playground, Zolux has thought of everything! It is up to you to choose what you need.
Sportingly yours...

Cats move, move, move!

Discover a cat tree which allows cats to escape and go on an adventure!

Move with your dog

Travel, go out and about and move with your pet in complete safety and serenity! The Moov range is made for you.

Moov your body !

Moov your body !
  • Jogging Leash - VTT
    Jogging Leash - VTT
  • Jogging Belt
    Jogging Belt
  • Hiking Leash
    Hiking Leash
  • Comfort Adjustable Harness
    Comfort Adjustable Harness
  • Adjustable Collar
    Adjustable Collar
  • Leash

Remember that exercise helps your pet to develop physically, mentally and socially. It is also an opportunity to combine pleasure with training. Have fun!