Neolife-Connect: Connectable habitats for rodents

Innovative modular habitats !

Zolux’s main mission is to improve the well-being and comfort of pets. To help accomplish our mission, we have a new range to offer you: NEOLIFE CONNECT, connectable habitats for small mammals. This range, made in Europe, is specifically designed to give our furry friends more living space.

NEOLIFE-CONNECT cages carry the “1% Pour Les Animaux” label, attesting to our brand’s ongoing commitment to animal welfare. And for the icing on the cake, this new concept has been vet-approved, much to the delight of pet owners everywhere.

Connect Neolife-Connect rodent habitats - Zolux

Connectable Cages for Small Mammals

Important 🐹:

For your pet’s well-being, make sure it is free or semi-free to roam as often as possible. Your pet's habitat should be seen as a temporary home, and under no circumstances should it be the main living space where it spends 100% of its time. 

More space for your rabbit's well-being

Modular rodent cages:

You and your little furry pals will enjoy a whole host of benefits with this new modular, connectable cage. Animal welfare is at the heart of this innovation, which has been designed with several objectives in mind:

- To give your pets more space: The cages are infinitely connectable, allowing you to create a more spacious and varied environment for your small mammals, so they can run around, hide, rest and play.

- To enrich their environment: By joining together a number of habitats, you can set up different environments in each one:

- a toilet area: for litter trays
- a feeding area: with all the necessary equipment, including a water bottle for rabbits, a bowl for pellets and a hay rack or bag for rodents.
- a play area: great fun for rabbits, who are very playful, but also for guinea pigs: treat ball, foraging mat, stacking cups, forage tray, etc.
- a rest area: this could be a nice place to set up a little wooden hut for sleeping out of sight, a cosy blanket or a hammock for guinea pigs.

- To facilitate cohabitation: Connectable cages offer small mammals the chance to live together harmoniously, yet still have their own space. 

Cage connectable pour cochon d'inde

 Habitats Neolife-Connect: 3 ways to connect

Primarily suited to the needs of guinea pigs but great for rabbits too, the habitats are sold individually and can be connected with another habitat of the same size. Special connection clips allow the cages to be connected together. These end caps, made from solid plastic, ensure quick and easy installation.



Each habitat has 2 large openings: 1 on the top (2 part foldable grid) and 1 at the front so that the rabbit can go in and out as it pleases, with the door open left whenever possible.

Discover the different connection and accessory options that meet the needs of each species:

Option 1: SQUARE connection by connecting the cages side by side, removing the rear grids from both cages (fix together using connection clips provided)

Option 2LENGTHWISE connection, by removing the cages’ side grids.

Option 3: L-shaped connection, as the cages can be connected by attaching the side of one cage to the front of the other.

optional connection kit: 

Neolife-Connect accessories - Rodents

Neolife-Connect cages available in various sizes and colours

 NEOLIFE-CONNECT products are available in pet shops and garden centres. 

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