Eden A touch of creativity!

Eden, a natural range, and so much more...

Eden is a range of natural treats, specially for your small animals. Eco-designed, visually appealing and colourful healthy products for pets, also with environmentally friendly packaging.

Find out how you can also help by re-using an Eden range product!

Do It Yourself (DIY)

All Eden range packaging and hessian bags are plastic-free, 100% biodegradable and compostable!

If you would like to get creative and do some recycling, the Timothy Hay hessian bag can even be used in many different ways!

Below are a few creations by the Zolux Team, which you can use as inspiration!

Prepare your scissors! And, above all, don’t forget to share your finest creations using the hashtag  #CREATIONZOLUX

Foin de Fléole Bio "Eden" 500g réf. 212 122

Beautiful designs, with an organic twist!



Over to you!

Naturally healthy!

The Eden range comprises 14 natural treats for your small animals, exclusively made from natural ingredients!

Our Timothy Hay and Aromatic Herbs are certified organic.

  Hay, an essential!

Eden Organic Timothy Hay is a premium organic forage.

  • Highly appetising: the hay is barn-dried* to retain all its nutritional properties.
  • Rich in fibres, Timothy Hay contributes to your pet’s healthy digestion.
  • Its low calcium content supports your pet’s urinary health.

* Barn-dried: the hay is dried inside, protected from sunlight.