Rodents' food


Opt for an already prepared seed mixture with a compound feed (or granules) that you can find in our Nutri’Mealrange.

Try to complement this diet with fresh food such as fruit and vegetables, depending on the species of your pet. Chinchillas’ and Guinea Pigs’ organisms cannot produce vitamin C for example, that is why fresh foods or vitamin food supplements are essential for their health and well-being.

Hay is used as a complementary food to facilitate digestion. A healthy diet also requires a lot of water to hydrate your pet, so make sure to give him clean, fresh water every day.

You can also occasionally give him small treats such as baguettes or biscuits specially designed for rodents. For overweight furry friends, choose low-sugar and low-fat foods. We recommend out Nutri Slim range.

Complete Food - Nutrimeal

Our tip

Food (specific feed mix + fresh foods) + Hay + Water + occasional treats= a healthy rodent.

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