Iguazu water fountain

New fountains!

Discover our overflow fountain! 

This new product offers your cat or small dog constant access to safe, clean, filtered water. 

This fountain is the best way to prevent your pet becoming dehydrated, thanks to its numerous advantages!  

What does it do?  

  • Captures impurities and eliminates unpleasant odours, thanks to its filter cartridge; 
  • Its constant flow helps oxygenate water and keep it from stagnating;
  • Large 3-litre capacity; 
  • Silent, and easy to clean; 
  • Fitted with an operating indicator;
  • Its design blends into your environment;
  • Also suitable for small dogs.

Fountain includes: 

  • Mains adapter;
  • Absorbent activated charcoal filter (1 filter lasts approximately 3 weeks). 

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