Wonderful Cat - Art deco cat tree

Felines are wonderful animals! Their favourite activity is scratching for marking their territory, sharpening their claws, or simply for fun. That's why scratching posts are essential to every cat house. 


What’s a scratching post? 

Scratching posts are structures designed so cats can scratch safely and comfortably. They come in different shapes and sizes. Generally made from materials cats love to sharpen their claws on, like sisal and corrugated cardboard. They can be tall, straight, tree-shaped or even flat and placed directly on the ground. 

Why are scratching posts important for cats?


For grooming their claws! Scratching posts allow cats to remove the dull outer layer of their claws, to sharpen them and keep them healthy. 

For playing!  All cats have crazy times during the day. They love climbing and jumping on scratching posts, and it keeps them fit. 

For staying occupied: scratching posts are also a great way for cats to entertain themselves and have fun. 

WONDERFUL CAT: cat heaven by Zolux! 

The new Wonderful CAT range of art deco cat trees is designed for happy four-legged friends!  

Available in 3 models and 2 colours, these houses have resting areas, play areas and scratching posts. Made in Europe from 100% FSC-certified wood. They are big and very stable. They're perfect for big cats!

A trendy cat house adapted to their needs! 


Every Wonderful Cat tree has a cubbyhole with a soft, removable synthetic fur cushion. Not only will your fur ball be perfectly comfortable, but it’s easy for their owner to clean.

Your cat's house is also for resting, which is why the cubbyhole only has one opening, so they feel safe and secure. 

The structure of Wonderful Cat houses is made from 100% FSC-certified wood and the posts are covered with sisal mat for added strength and durability. 

The Wonderful Cat range is an elegant, comfortable and robust playground for all cats!

How to choose a cat tree

There are several factors to consider when choosing a house for your cat: 

Size and space available : choose the size according to the space in your home where you plan to put the scratching post. 

Materials : make sure the material of the surfaces to be scratched is robust and attractive to your cat. Sisal is often recommended as it a pleasant, hard-wearing surface for their claws.

Design : cat trees come in different shapes and styles. Some have rest areas, platforms, hanging toys or tunnels. Choose one that suits your cat's preferences. 

Position and maintenance 

Position the cat tree in a place that is accessible and attractive to your cat. Your cat's favourite areas where it likes to rest or spend most of its time are often ideal. 

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