The “Lie down!” command

“Sit!”; “Lie down!”; “Stay!”: These three simple commands are the basis for any tricks you teach your dog. It is therefore essential that he understands these commands before learning more complex tricks!

Use one word only, and always the same word, to give your dog a command. He will therefore soon make a connection between the sound and the action to be performed. Always say your dog’s name before giving the command. For example: “Jack, sit!”; “Jack, lie down!”; “Jack, stay!” Keep the sessions short, ten minutes or so, and pleasant for your dog. If you think your dog is becoming tired or losing concentration, do not insist or get cross, but simply change activity and start again later. Reward your dog with a treat as soon as he performs the requested action. As your dog learns the trick, you can give him a pat and verbal praise instead of the treat! For example: “That’s right!” or “Good dog!”

The “Lie down!” command:

  1. Stand in front of your dog with a treat in your hand.

  2. Allow him to sniff the treat and slowly lower your hand down to the floor in front of him.

3. As he follows the treat with his nose, he will gradually bend down, and then lie down naturally.

4. As soon as your dog lies down, say “Lie down!” and reward him.

Dog trainer: Karina Laproye. Specialising in dog casting, coaching and training, the DogActing® firm provides film, television, advertising, photography and events professionals with its specialty dog services. For more information, visit

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