Choosing the right chew treats is important for a healthy, happy dog. Natural treats are increasingly popular with dog owners who are concerned about their pets’ health. Natural treats offer many health benefits for your dog.

Chewing releases endorphins that regulate mood and help keep stress levels down. The mechanical movement of chewing promotes oral hygiene by removing plaque and tartar. 

Chewing plays an important role in preventing destructive behaviour, especially in dogs with powerful jaws. Chewing keeps your dog busy.

What is a natural treat?

Natural treats are made from healthy ingredients, with no artificial additives or preservatives. They are made from beef hide, pigskin, beef tendons, pig ears, horn or wood. These durable natural ingredients are chosen to withstand long chewing sessions. But they are also an alternative to processed treats.  

What are the advantages of natural treats?

Natural treats have specific functions :

Dental hygiene : one of the main benefits is healthy dental hygiene. Chewing these treats removes tartar and plaque. Reduces the risk of gum disease and improves your dog's breath. 
Occupation and stress reduction : natural treats offer your dog a healthy way to release excess energy and relieve stress. They are useful in stressful situations, such as when they are separated from their owner or bored. 
Food supplements : some natural chews are a source of nutrients such as proteins and minerals. They are a tasty and nutritious addition to your dog's diet. 
Lasting pleasure : more effective than a simple toy, natural chews last a long time. They provide your dog with hours of delicious and nutritious entertainment and fun!

Complete range of natural snacks - Zolux

Need to keep your dog occupied for hours? 

Zolux offers a complete range of natural chews made in France and Europe. To meet the different needs of dogs and their owners.  

Natural dried meat treats 

Made from 100% natural raw materials. Dried meat dog treats are available in 6 varieties: beef, poultry, pork, game, fish and mutton. No preservatives or artificial additives. The snacks are dried at high temperature before being packaged to guarantee quality and natural shelf life. 

Stag/deer horn and olive wood 

As well as meat snacks, Zolux offers a complete range of wood and horn chews. Stag and deer horn and olive wood available in different sizes for extra chewy bones.

100% natural, ultra-resistant treats for happy chewing enthusiasts. Suitable for dogs of all sizes. 

The advantages? Hard and resistant, they keep our four-legged friends busy for several days. What's more, they are completely odourless, making them perfect for even the most sensitive noses. 

masticativi sfusi

Cheese Bones

Cheese Bones help maintain your dog's oral health by removing tartar and stimulating chewing. And they enjoy a healthy cheese-based snack at the same time. These treats are made in Europe using traditional Himalayan methods, with only whole milk and a pinch of salt.  

The milk is transformed into cheese, then pressed and matured for over 3 months. 

It's important to choose the right size treat for your dog's weight. This optimises the time of use and ensures your dog benefits from all the advantages.

To each his own 

Zolux natural treats are quality products. Tested and selected for their nutritional characteristics and to meet each dog’s different and specific needs. 

It's important to choose them carefully and to keep a close eye on your dog during use!

How do I choose the right chew for my dog? 

Weight: Choose products suited to your dog's weight and strength. Some products are not suitable for small dogs or present a choking hazard if swallowed whole. 

Allergies and intolerances: find out the chew’s ingredients and check your dog has no known food allergies or intolerances. 

Warning: always supervise your dog while chewing. If the treat becomes too small or starts to break, remove it to avoid any risk of choking. 

Look for the corresponding symbol on the packaging to quickly choose the treat you need! 

Zolux natural dried meat treats are categorised according to the 3 specific needs of dog: 

Friandises à mâcher - segmentés selon le besoin des chiens

CHEWING: chews have a high protein content and resist long daily chewing sessions. Perfect for warding off anxiety and fighting boredom. They are good for oral hygiene. 

EDUCATION: a highly palatable source of protein. In single or divisible bites. Ideal as a reward after a meal or during exercise.

ENERGY: healthy, easy-to-digest chews. Rich in protein and low in fat. A source of energy, ideal for active days. 

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