Kittens' hygiene

His "cleanliness" corner

Your cat will prefer a “toilet” far from his meal-time area. Being a very clean animal, cats like to have a regularly cleaned litter tray (bleached preferably).

His “cleanliness” corner can also be the bathtub (especially for medium and long-haired cats). All cats do not like water at first of course… So make sure to accustom your cat to water from the earliest of ages, ever so gently the first few times.

  • Wet his back, but avoid his head at all costs. Your cat will detest it. Use a suitable shampoo, especially not yours because it could be toxic.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Dry him in a clean, warm towel.
  • Gently untangle his coat.
  • For a quick-dry, use a hair-dryer (not too strong nor too close nor too hot) with caution. Also avoid his face, head and ears. Cats do not usually like direct hot hair in these areas.
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Our tip

A bath 2 to 4 times a year is enough for a cat that is not too messy.

Coat care

The cat’s coat protects its skin and thus must be cared for. Even if your cat is a very clean animal that will clean himself, you can give him some basic care.

You can brush his coat regularly with a brush or comb, usually in spring or autumn (moulting seasons). Your home will feel a lot cleaner too as brushing reduces the amount of dead hair. But to avoid knots in your cat’s coat, there exists detangling shampoo for cats. A great alternative to a comb, if your cat attempts to escape when being brushed.

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Our tip

A coat’s beauty is also determined by a cat’s diet. A healthy and balanced diet promotes a healthy, shiny coat!


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