Goldfish maintenance

Aquarium maintenance is relatively simple and requires little effort

  • Some algae can appear on walls or the decorations when the tank is in a bright room, so regularly use a scraper or cleaning magnet (very handy).
  • The filter should be cleaned every fortnight. Pass the foam under the tap and, if necessary, replace the coal cartridge every other clean.
  • Once every fortnight: plan to change ¼ of the water, taking care to replace with water at the same temperature in order to avoid thermal shock and remember to add a dose of water conditioner.

Our tip

In order to disturb neither the fish nor their environment, it is customary no to perform these two tasks at the same time but alternatively rinse the filter one week and change the water the next.

Floating magnetic cleaners (ref. 334 231)
Telescopic fish net, stainless steel (ref. 376 432)

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