Bird hygiene

Beak wear

Your pet is not in its natural environment so his beak will not wear down automatically. Therefore put a cuttlefish bone that will help wear its beak in the cage. This will also provide a supplementary source of calcium.

Cuttlefish bone + support (ref. 134 670)


Claw maintenance

As for the beak, the claws will not wear down enough because your bird is not in its natural environment. Make sure to regularly check the length of his claws.
If you wish to cut his claws by yourself with claw clippers, first make sure to not touch the vein inside the claw. If in doubt, ask your vet for advice.

Cage maintenance

For the bottom of the cage, you can use aniseed sand or Birdy’Cob which is a highly absorbent plant litter on top of the sand.

Our tip

Clean up its crate once a week at least, as often as needed.

Bird’s health

Make sure to check your pet’s condition. His behaviour is indicative of his health and general state of mind. You can discover our bird care range or ask your vet for advice.

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