Connectable habitats for birds - Neolife-Connect

Innovative modular habitats !

Zolux’s primary purpose is to improve the well-being and comfort of pets. To accomplish our mission, we offer you our new range: NEOLIFE CONNECT, connectable habitats for pet birds. This range, made in Europe, is specifically designed to increase the living space of our feathered friends.

As for the icing on the cake, this new concept has been vet-approved, much to the delight of pet owners.

Connect 2 Neolife-CONNECT aviaries - Zolux

Connectable aviaries - Neolife-Connect

Designed for the well-being of your pet birds :

These new connectable and modular habitats provide you and your birds with numerous benefits:

More space: Connectable aviaries allow you to create a more spacious and varied living environment for your birds. As a result, they can fly, hide, rest and feed as they need to.

Enriched environment: By connecting several aviaries, you can create different, stimulating living spaces for your birds. You can dedicate one aviary to feeding and another to occupancy, for example.

Oiseaux domestiques - Inséparables

Zolux’s advice: It is important to expand the aviary environment with various toys to stimulate your birds mentally and physically, to prevent boredom.

Neolife-Connect cage, 2 possible connections:

Aviaries are suitable for one or more birds, depending on their size. Connecting the cages means you can expand your pet’s space infinitely, contributing to its well-being.

The connection system uses specially designed connecting clips. The aviaries can be connected to each other. These end caps are made from hard plastic, making them easy and safe to install. You can modify the living space of your birds to suit your wishes and their needs.


Option 1: connect the aviaries side by side via the sliding doors (connecting clips included)

Option 2: connect the aviaries one behind the other by removing the rear grid of the 2 cages (connecting clips included)

Neolife-Connect accessories: 

All the equipment you need is supplied with the aviary, for the well-being of your feathered friends :

Aviary equipment

XL aviaries available in a range of colours :

 NEOLIFE-CONNECT products are available in pet shops and garden centres

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