Paloma and Memory Complete comfort!

Looking for comfortable products for your 4-legged friends and a beautiful addition to your home?

There is something for everyone… Wellbeing, comfort and softness is also important for your dogs and cats!

Now is the time to think of them… while also treating yourself!

For your cats:

Cats love living indoors with us. They enjoy being close by and appreciate our attention. They like to keep an eye on everything and to have a peaceful, quiet corner to relax in. They love to nap and curl up in a cosy little cocoon, sometimes out of sight…

Basket, igloo or cushion… which model should you choose?

Discover the “Paloma” range : 

For your dogs:

You can now combine a cosy bed for your pet with your interior décor! Dogs need their own private space to relax as they have strong territorial instincts… A basket, cushion or even a comfortable kennel offers your dog his own quiet space where he can relax, right by your side.

Kitchen, sitting room or bedroom… you can choose the perfect spot where your pet will be most at ease!

Functional comfort of the “Memory” range, and the new mocha colour:

Our baskets and mattresses are designed using memory foam (52 kg/m3) and high-density foam (20 kg/m3).
This padding offers your dog guaranteed comfort. Our baskets and mattresses adapt to your pet’s morphology, while providing guaranteed comfort and support. This technology eliminates pressure points and relieves your pet’s joint problems.

·         Breathable fabric: 100% polyester.
·         Easy to clean: removable cushion (machine washable at 30°C).
·         Colours: anthracite grey or the new mocha brown colour with a leather patch.
·         Available in different sizes

Memory mocha baskets: Ref. 409340/409341/409342
Memory mocha mattress: Ref. 409343/409344/409345