Zolux obtains mission-led company status

Zolux is now officially a mission-led company!

What is a mission-led company?  

This is a status granted for companies that have a global positive impact on their environment. To be eligible for this status, the company should have: 

Mission-led company: our group’s commitments


Our raison d’être:

To create sustainable happiness for pets and their families


The Zolux Group, a mission-led company

Our mission, which motivates the 400 employees within the group in France and its subsidiaries, day to day:  To make a difference. By coming up with the best ideas and designs for our pets. By taking positive steps, each day and within our own capacity, to protect the planet and the world around us. By looking to the future with boldness and optimism. This is the practical approach adopted by ZOLUX since 2020 for its CSR commitment, through the “Horizon” programme, based on three key foundations: Good for my pet, Happy in my work, Better for my planet. 

Focus on HORIZON


In 2022, further to major steps taken within the group, Zolux became a mission-led company, with the aim of making a difference by coming up with the best ideas and designs for our pets, and by taking positive steps, each day and within our own capacity, to protect the planet and the world around us. 

And in August 2022, Zolux officially became a mission-led company! 

Goals defined as part of the mission-led company strategy

Offer impeccable quality

With routine veterinary supervision, together with participatory creation processes for new products involving pet parents and their families. 

Practical action, representing our key foundation, “Good for my pet”, has already been introduced to achieve this objective: 

  • 111 products have been awarded the “1% For Animals” label 
  • Our Nutrimeal range has been designed under veterinary supervision, to be suitable for each species and the specific needs of small animals and domestic birds
  • “The Clan”, our community of testers, now has 2,500 members who are regularly approached during product development

Reduce the company’s environmental impact 

Owing to ethical supply choices and our eco-designed products and packaging, now deep-rooted in the creative and development process. 

In keeping with our key foundation “Better for my planet”, this objective is illustrated by different actions: 

  • Eco-design is central to product development and company choices
  • Our teams have reduced the environmental impact of 233 products 
  • Encourage eco-friendly behaviour within our teams

Involve employees 

By informing them of the actions taken, and encouraging them to contribute to company life and day-to-day goals.  

This practical objective, illustrating our key foundation “Happy in my work”, represents the actions taken: 

  • Access to training to allow everyone to grow within the company
  • Improvement in quality of life in the workplace with new premises being built 
  • A satisfaction survey is carried out in-house every year to identify avenues for improvement: 90% of our employees are proud to work with Zolux! 

Creation of the mission committee

A mission committee must include at least one employee and, at Zolux, we have chosen to appoint three Group employees together with three members from outside the company. All parties have diverse profiles. Their role is to assess the progress made and mission-related goals achieved, each year. 

This committee is made up of 3 ZOLUX Group employees, each representing one of the 3 brands and a distinct sector: 

  • Soizic Naizet (Product Manager, Laboratoire Francodex) 
  • Alex Doisneau (Technician, Zolux) 
  • Nicolas Corvisier (Sales Manager, Saint-Bernard) 

Together with 3 external members, all of whom are highly committed and experts in social challenges: 

  • Jean-Georges Micol (former head of the Development and Innovation Agency and Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region) 
  • Thomas Moreau (Founder of the YouCare Association) 
  • Christophe Robin (Eco-design Expert & Manager, CCI des Landes) 

All members are elected for a renewable period of 3 years, and meet once or twice a year, to draw up the annual mission reports. 


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