CanicrossBreizh Challenge

What is CanicrossBreizh? ?

CanicrossBreizh is an association based in Plédran, in the Côtes d'Armor region of Brittany. It is the first Breton canicross club which offers dog owners the opportunity to take part in sports activities with their pets. 

Canicross is a team speed sport discipline where the dog is attached to its master with a jogging belt.

The association offers Canicross, Bikejoring and Dog Hiking training. All levels of athletes and dog breeds are welcome.

What about the Canicross Challenge?  ? 

Zolux wanted to join in this incredible adventure organised by the CanicrossBreizh association by partnering with the Canicross Challenge which took place on 10-11 October, in preparation for the 2021 Canicross World Championships, to be held on 7-10 October 2021.

The Canicross Challenge is a competition which includes several disciplines, such as Canicross, Bikejoring, Dog Scootering, 16-17 year-old class, 12-13 year-old class, 14-15 year-old class, and relay category.

This event, held each year, conveys the values shared by Zolux: bravery, determination and passion. It is a discipline which provides an opportunity for owners to bond with their pets while setting themselves new challenges. 

Full information is available on the CanicrossBreizh club website