Feeding wild birds


Feeding wild birds is a popular activity, which you can do alone, or even with young children. This is an excellent activity for making young children more aware of nature and the living creatures around us. Feeding wild birds will allow you to get closer to watch these fascinating creatures, and to help them, if necessary, in periods when food is scarce.

Birds are at their most vulnerable in winter. Starting to feed wild birds from the first persistent frosts or snow can make their lives easier.
If you start feeding them, you will need to continue leaving food out for them throughout the winter, to ensure they don’t go hungry. When spring returns, you can gradually stop leaving out food, so our feathered friends can become accustomed to finding food themselves.

What type of food? 


Zolux offers seed mixes specially designed for wild birds. Mainly containing wheat, split corn, lentils, white millet, hemp, red milo, sunflower and rapeseed oil, this high-fat seed mix contains all the nutrients to promote healthy development in wild birds.

Zolux also offers sunflower seeds which most bird species adore. 


Seeds are also available in different flavoured stick formats :


Zolux offers food supplements specially designed for wild birds, in fat ball format. Made from cereals, seeds, oils, fat and mineral substances. 

These are available in different formats

  • 6 fat ball (90 gr) format
  • 25 fat ball (90 gr) format
  • 50 fat ball (90 gr) format


Why the switch to no nets?

Once the fat ball has been used up, the net is of no use, and is often unfortunately left in the natural environment. By removing nets from our products, we can avoid using 7 tons of plastic each year!

NOTE: Our buckets of 35 and 50 fat balls contain a cardboard feeder!

Our CSR commitment


Fat blocks help wild birds withstand cold weather in winter and, come springtime, help restore birds, weary from feeding their young, to full health, while also promoting healthy development in fledglings after they fly the nest.

Discover our bird fat products available in different flavours (300 gr) GUARANTEED FREE FROM PALM OIL:

With seeds       With fruit       With peanuts

With mealworms     With berries     With insects

What type of equipment?


Wooden feeders

To encourage wild birds to feed, opt for natural, sustainable materials such as wood, which will withstand bad weather.

  • Castor birch feeder with stand and roof
  • Castor birch silo feeder with mesh and roof
  • Caribou wooden feeder with roof (LARGE)
  • Castor birch feed with roof
  • Caribou wooden feeder with roof (SMALL)

Metal feeders

Metal feeders are more robust in the long term.

As well as being functional, the different available colours will brighten up your garden.

  • Cabane grey seed holder
  • Red house feeder with 4 windows
  • Orange house feeder with 8 windows

Metal fat ball holders


Discover our wide range of robust, long-lasting metal fat ball holders, which will add a splash of colour to your garden!

  • Cabane fat ball holder
  • Spiral fat ball holder with roof
  • Spiral fat ball holder
  • Fat ball dispenser
  • Fat ball ring dispenser

Fat ball holders