Puppy's Food

His needs

Dogs need fixed mealtimes. His bowl should always be in the same place because his meals are also part of his training and education. He should eat in peace, after your own meal. He enjoys eating alone – it’s better to have good habits from the start. You can start by giving him 3 meals a day. But after 6 months, 2 meals are enough, even during adulthood they will aid digestion.

Our tip

A so-called “growth” diet is recommended until your puppy weighs 90% of his adult weight.

You can give him dried-food, kibbles or canned-food regardless of his eating requirements. The recommended quantities are indicated on the packaging of each product. A diet that meets the age and weight of your puppy will be beneficial to his health. Finally, always leave clean water available for him (replace daily).

Little treats and snacks

As mentioned above, a treat may be given to your pet as a reward after a good deed. But a treat also has other advantages. It can help strength the bond between master and animal since it represents a pleasant break for both parties. It can be used to restore your dog’s appetite or when giving him a drug or medicine. Treats should not be given daily and must be used wisely.

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Our tip

The preventive role of some treats can be beneficial to a dog’s health. Some help to look after their teeth by fighting plaque and tartar build-up. Others represent a dietary supplement. In addition to being delicious, a larger variety of treats are adapted to the nutritional and dental needs of your dog.

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