MFR Neuvy-Le-Roi

What is MFR de Neuvy-Le-Roi?

The MFR (Maison Familiale Rurale - an agricultural training centre for young apprentices) de Neuvy-Le-Roi is part of a network of 439 associations in France. Created in 1961 by farmers wishing to provide apprenticeship-based education for their children, the MFR de Neuvy-le-Roi now offers sales training. Hence, more than 130 students can now train for the Vocational Baccalauréat as a pet store sales adviser (qualification issued by the Ministry of Agriculture). These students are future pet store professionals who have in-depth knowledge of their field and industry, owing to numerous company placements (representing over half of their course).

During our partnership with the MFR de Neuvy-Le-Roi, we helped the training centre to build a showroom representing a store, to help students develop their sales skills and product knowledge.