The CAT LODGE concept

is the 100% eco-designed range of cat trees and small houses specially for cats! These sustainable and environmentally friendly products are the fruit of our CSR approach!
Find out how…


CAT LODGE products are sustainable:

  • owing to their design
  • due to the materials used
  • due to the replaceable wear items: scratchers, fabric, cushions, and sisal and hemp toys.

Patte Bon pour mon animal GOOD FOR MY PET

Comfortable and fun, CAT LODGE products have made your cat’s wellbeing and essential needs a priority:

> Scratch - Sleep - Play - Hide.

Materials used


Our design team created a wooden structure made up of materials originating from FSC®-certified sustainably managed forests and other controlled sources, for the Cat Lodge range. 

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an environmental organisation which aims to ensure that wood production and wooden products comply with procedures that guarantee sustainable management of forests. The wood used in the CAT LODGE range originates from Europe and is FSC®-certified (FSC-C160968).


European fabric was selected based on strict quality criteria and environmental protection.


The scratcher and toy ball are made from braided sisal, a natural material, which is more resistant to cats’ claws.

  • HEMP

The rope, which your cat can used to scratch, play and climb, is made from hemp, a natural material.


The adhesive label, printed on a birch wood base, displays the Zolux signature.

Wear and tear? Customise it!

The fabric used for the Cat Lodge houses was selected based on strict quality criteria and environmental protection.

As time goes by, you will be able to extend the life of your Cat Lodge house, as it has been designed with replaceable wear items. With the goal of strengthening the circular economy, you can now even make them yourself! Patterns for the fabric items are available on our website. That way, you can create both a sustainable and unique cat house! Let’s start sewing!


The products in the range, made in Europe, are very easy to assemble thanks to an ingenious interlocking system of different wooden parts which does not require any tools. Because no screws are used and the fabric is not glued or stapled to the wooden structure, the materials are now easier to recycle.

All our tutorials and instructions are available on our website!

The products are supplied flat-packed to reduce packaging and transport volume, and the shapes of certain parts have been optimised to minimise offcuts of raw materials used during production.