Rodent's habitat

Choosing the habitat

Your pet’s habitat and its location are very important because it is where your animal will spend the majority of its time. You therefore need to choose a cage suitable for the species in question. The cage’s volume and surface area must of a sufficient size for your pet. The cage must not be a place where he will be disturbed.

Our tip

Set up the cage in the following type of environment:

  • Temperate: not too hot nor too cold
  • Accessible to natural light to avoid deficiencies
  • Protected from drafts
  • Sheltered from full sunlight
"Nevo" Palace Cage (ref. 205 451NOI) / Furniture "Nevo" 100 (ref. 275 012)

Always in the interests of the animal: do not place his cage directly on the ground but rather on at table height, on a stable stand for example. This way he will avoid being covered in dust and will feel reassured. Your pet needs to be in a quiet, calm area in the household.

Suggested advices