Your kitten's routine

Its sleep

First of all, a kitten needs a lot of sleep: 22 hours per day on average. That is why it is important to install a resting area for him or her such as a cushion, a cosy igloo or comfortable pet bed to make it feel safe and secure. The cat is an independent being, so do not worry if it refuses to sleep in the basket you made available. It will find its own little hideaway to sleep in!

Our tip

For the first few nights, your kitten may decide to sleep in the same room as you because your breathing will remind him/her of its mother.

Its playtime

Kittens, like puppies, are dynamic and curious animals, so leave neither toxic chemicals nor electric wires within its reach. Do not forget your cat is a very agile animal. He will want to balance upon your balcony or window sills. Curtains or blinds will secure its playground.

It's time to play !

Our tip

The dimensions of the cat tree are very important for your cat, dominating; he likes to be high up.

Cat tree Cat Park 3 (ref. 504 104)

For his peace of mind, here is a selection of accessories to use without moderation:

  • Scratching post: – practical and playful, it will allow your kitten to scratch as much as it likes without damaging your walls, carpets or furniture. Of all shapes and sizes, your cat can not live without it if introduced at an early age. The clawing behaviour is associated with territorial marking. Therefore, position the post in a place where your cat will display itself, stretch and roll.
  • The cat-tree, a multi-story accessory: scratching, playground and rest area; your cat will feel confident whilst relaxing.
  • Various toys: Mice, interactive fishing rods with bells or balls are accessories that will develop your animal’s curiosity and hunting behaviour. At any age, a cat needs to play!

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