The “Kiss!” command

Your dog must already be used to giving you kisses on your cheek or showing signs of affection in his own way! This trick is particularly easy in that it simply reinforces what your dog already does. You simply need to train him to do it on command, by placing his paws on your shoulders, on either side of your head.
If you have a small dog, you can train him by sitting him on your knee, or by sitting on the floor.
Conversely, if you have a large dog, you can train him from a standing position. Avoid this trick if your dog is elderly, suffers from arthritis or has back problems.

Use one word only, and always the same word, to give your dog a command. Say your dog’s name before giving the command. For example: Gretchen, kiss! Your dog will therefore soon make a connection between the sound and the action to be performed. Keep the sessions short, no longer than ten minutes, and pleasant for your dog. If you think your dog is becoming tired or losing concentration, do not insist or get cross, but simply change activity and start again later. Reward your dog with a treat at the exact moment he performs the desired action. As your dog learns the trick, you can give him a pat and verbal praise instead of the treat! For example: “That’s right!” or “Good dog!”


  1. Check that your dog is on stable footing and cannot lose his balance.
  2. Lift his front paws and place them on your shoulders, while saying “Kiss”. You can also associate this command with a gesture, for instance, tapping on your shoulders.
  3. When your dog moves closer to lick your face, stroke him enthusiastically.
  4. When the trick is over, say “Jump down”. If your dog gets overexcited, stop the trick immediately, and start again only when he has calmed down.

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