Dogs' hygiene

Regular coat care

Caring for your dogs coat can be a daily or weekly chore depending on the breed of your dog.

Brushing is one of the first steps to keep healthy coat. It helps to sustain hair structure, avoids knotting and diminishes the amount of dead hairs around the house (especially during spring and autumn: moulting seasons). It can be done with a brush the Zolux Magic Brush, for example, or with a currycomb. They will remove all knots from your dog’s coat. Do not hesitate to consult our grooming range for more information.

The removal of dead and dull hairs from your dog’s coat will allow its fur to be shinier and more beautiful than before. If your dog has a lot of knots, you can cut them gently with a detangling comb (or a set of clippers). Knots can also disappear when using a detangling shampoo during bath time.

Our tip

Grooming is an essential task before a bath. It helps remove nearly all dead hair and knots.

Grooming glove for dogs/cats (ref. 470 164)

Your dog and water

Dogs generally love to swim. They can therefore clean themselves in a fresh-water river or in the sea for example. A simple rinse with clean water afterwards will suffice. If you do not have the possibility of taking your dog for a swim, it is obvious that you will have to give him a bath.

Consequently you will have to wash your dog once or twice a month with a specifically designed shampoo to suit his hair-type (never more that once a week).

Washing your dog is very important for its health because it eliminates dust, skin problems and smelly coats.

To avoid any hassle, remain calm and reassure your pet, especially if it is the first time you are washing him!

  • Place him at the bottom of a tub, sink or basin. Let him discover these new surroundings and talk to him. (You can install a small, rubber mat at the bottom of the tub)
Puppy shampoo (ref. 471 635)
  • Put some cotton in his ears and pay attention to his eyes: these areas are very sensitive. The water should be warm and make sure the pressure is not too strong. Moisten all the hair. Pour some shampoo and scrub well on the dirtiest areas.
  • Rinse your dog more than twice. All soap must be gone.
  • Remove him from the tub and dry him with a warm towel or hair-dryer (not too close, nor too strong nor too hot)
  • And for an even more perfect coat, you can brush him again

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